FTP Locking

FTP Lock safety feature

From the 15th of February our web hosting users will need to unlock their ftp accounts in order to up/download via FTP to their sites. If you do not unlock your account first you will be unable to use FTP

This new features being introduced is to improve the security of all of our users by ensuring it is the account holder logging in to FTP and not an attacker randomly trying passwords. We have implemented this change due to the recent rise in the number of compromised sites.

Unlocking your FTP:

  1. Open your Web browser(Internet Explorer, or Firefox etc)
  2. Go to http://control.your-domain/
    e.g. control.cbits.net
  3. Login to the control panel using your username and password
    Hint: Your username is your domain name e.g. cbits.net
  4. You can either:
    • Select the amount of time to unlock your ftp account for in the “Unlock FTP” section.

    – or –

    • You can unlock ftp permanently for an IP address. This is the best option if you always use FTP from one computer/location (In most cases all computers in an office/home share an IP address). When you log in your current IP Address will be filled in automatically. Just click “Unlock by IP”If the automatic address doesn’t work, visit this site to find your IP Address

      If you still have difficulties try the first option or contact us

If you have any problems or questions please contact us here or call on 0330 159 3832