You can either watch a quick video here to see how to set up your account, and play/pause as you go, or follow along with the screenshots below. The video covers installing Gmail from the Google Play Store, setting up your email account, and how to view emails. The last part (1:39+) shows you an alternative way to setup your account if you already have the Gmail app installed.

  1. From the home screen, open the app drawer. On this device, the app drawer is the central icon on the bottom row, but your device might be slightly different.
  2. Check if a Gmail app is present. This list is usually alphabetical. If you do, open Gnail and proceed to step 6
  3. If you don’t have it installed, open Google Play Store
  4. Search for Gmail, and select the first result
  5. Press install, and then press open
  6. Press the three lined button in the top left
  7. Press the drop down next to the Gmail address
  8. Press Add account
  9. Select “Other”
  10. Type your email address
  11. Select IMAP/POP depending on what method you’ve chosen
  12. Fill in these settings, or use or mail.yourdomain depending on your email address. If the Port and Security type are not shown, ignore them
  13. Fill in these settings, or use or mail.yourdomain depending on your email address
  14. Press Advanced, and scroll down to the bottom of the next screen, and press Proceed
  15. Press Next
  16. Fill in a name for the account and your name
  17. You can swap between your Gmail account and your cbitsnet account by pressing the three lined menu button, and pressing the corresponding icon